Edward Blood

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Esquire, Edward Blood, of Iron Hold, Desert Winds




Began playing in January of 2005
Changed name to try to get fresh start within the game
currently striving to expand current park making it a fun place to play and help others grow

Previously played in the Indiana region at places such as Harrowing Citadel. Now in the Desert Winds.

Affiliated Groups

  • Brotherhood of Assassins (grand-master)
  • Brethren Court (pirate lord)
  • Order of the Laughing Badger (Elder White Wolf)
  • House Blood (head of house)
  • Sun Moon Passe Merchants Guild

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments


  • Esquire - Given by Squire Baronet Lucian Firethought, April 2008
  • Lord - Given by Jonny Tarr 2013-09-15


Sheriff of Sun Moon Passe March 2015-September 2015

More Information

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