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Brenethor Ironfist of Crimson Moon, Kingdom of the Wetlands

”this is a bad time.”


Brenethor, after using himself as a weapon to fuck up some dudes truck.


There was once a wise man (obviously Jesus in disguise) who told of a story about a man born from the holy dragon. He said that this man would lead mankind and be an undefeated warrior. Brenethor is not this man. Brenethor killed that man. Born long ago in the fiery depths of Mordor, Brenethor is the best Amtgard fighter in this entire article. He is much faster than slower people, way more powerful than weaker people, and literally able to defy gravity comparable to a person who breathes helium. As a child he killed his mother with a broken lawn chair, a few days later he brutally raped and killed a full grown grizzly bear with his fists and skinned it with an improvised lightsaber built from sticks, leaves and duct tape. He also once had a brother, but killed him because he needed a clean shirt. He is powered by plutonium and unicorn blood. His favorite pastimes are hunting deer with his bare hands and kicking children down long flights of stairs. Mundanely he works as a bounty hunter for the public library by day, and is a costumed crimefighter by night. His prefered Amtgard weapon set is a pair of Colt Single Action Army revolvers and an Air Force bazooka. If, and/or when, he decides to use amtgard swords he makes them out of corrugated sheet metal. The intermittent natural disasters, societal tragedies, and intercontinental wars, often labeled as "Acts of God", should be more accurately called "Acts of Brenethor." It seems that Earth still tickles Brenethor's fancy once in a while and so his presence is noted in such events as hurricanes, genocides, incredible economic growth, government throw overs, typhoons, monumental scientific discoveries, and too many others to list.

Affiliated Groups

Band of the Red Hand Fighting Company

House Beer

House Ironfist

Belted Family

Squire to Sir Greasy Goldmoon

Notable Accomplishments

Once upon a time at Spring War, he drank himself to death, but surprised a lot of people the next day when he arose that morning clean and absolutely sober.

Will be the first Amtgarder to have an action figure made in his likeness.

Brenethor is actually an old badass amtgarder rumored to have quit playing many years prior to the birth of christ, but somehow hasnt aged a day since then and forgot everything he knew about amtgard, so is now restarting.



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More Information

Brenethor's power level is well over 9,000.

Brenethor enjoys beer, religiously.

Brenethor is everyones friend.