Gilan Bluff

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Sir Gilanbluff (Gilan) Aboowhogod, of Mystic Glade, Winter's Edge

”Isn't that Zeb guy, who everyone hates. Honest”

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Gilan is called "Tennessee" in some areas of the Amtgard world because his home park has always been Mystic Glade, located in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Affiliated Groups

Triads (Captain), Sons of Ra

Belted Family

Former Squire to Sir Auwyne Aboowhogod. He was knighted sword at Neverwinter's 10th anniversary winter coronation in January, 2010.

Notable Accomplishments

  • Lord (Don)(Given by Sir Randall of DS)
  • Defender (Given by Sir Randall of DS)
  • 4 NW kingdom Weaponmasters.
  • 8 "real" orders of the warrior.
  • Warlord (Wartard)
  • Knight of the Sword

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