Fuzz LE

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Squire Fuzz
Home Park Lands End
Current Park World's End
Kingdom Polaris
Year Started 2012
Noble Title Dreadlord
Belt Status Squire to Valkyrie Vladma Steelborne

Woman-at-Arms DreadLord Mangochop Fuzz, collector of eyes, Bringer of the Lyndwurm and Captain of the S.S. YumYum of Land's End "the mango mongol", World's End, Polaris

"Swiggity Swuffalo, I'm coming for that Buffalo"

"Those aren't flowers. Flowers aren't scary"

"One of us has a knife"


Fuzz at Summer Trials XIII


A few years ago, a timid, shy girl showed up to park. Easily frightened, one could simply look at her and growl and she would panic and run. Fast forward to 2014 and she's winning tournaments and doing the growling. Also known for her witty hijinks.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Grand Duke Sir Broton P. Locksalt - (Crown, 2020), (Battle, 2022)

I. Valkyrie Vladma Steelborne - (Serpent, 2023)

II. Archiduque Sir Samael McNikle - (Flame, 2023), (Crown, 2024)

III. Squire Kite Avicenna


Notable Accomplishments

Additional Images


  • Fuzz about to do the brunt of the work for Land's End food fight 2015. 80$ for 80 seconds in a pool with 80 pounds of ice.

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