Nox Vox Caedes

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Lord Nox Vox Caedes of The Bladed Coast, of the Kingdom of Viridian Outlands

"I am the humblest person you will ever meet."



Nox started Amtgard in the winter of 2001 with his best friend, Mirchaz. He aspires to be a leader in Amtgard and work toward making Amtgard a better organization for all involved.


  • Archer - 6th level
  • Assassin - 6th level
  • Barbarian - 6th level
  • Bard - 6th level
  • Druid - 6th level
  • Healer - 6th level
  • Monk - 6th level
  • Monster - 6th level
  • Scout - 6th level
  • Warrior - 6th level
  • Wizard - 6th level


  • 9th Order of the Crown
  • 8th Order of the Rose
  • 5th order of the Dragon
  • 5th Order of the Warrior
  • 3rd order of the Hydra
  • 3rd order of the Owl
  • 2nd order of the Garber
  • 2nd order of the Smith
  • 1st order of the Lion
  • 1st order of the Zodiac

Positions Held

Kingdom Champion of Viridian Outlands

  • Summer Reign 2021

Kingdom Regent of Westmarch

  • Summer Reign 2019
  • Winter Reign 2019

Principality Monarch of Viridian Outlands

  • October Reign 2014

Principality Prime Minister of Viridian Outlands

  • January Reign 2014
  • July Reign 2013

Principality Regent of Viridian Outlands

  • April Reign 2010 - During the Knights of Badassdom Movie being filmed
  • October Reign 2009

Principality Champion of Viridian Outlands

  • October Reign 2008

Champion of Ardent Sands

  • September Reign 2004

Affiliated Groups

Angels of Aethyr - Captain

Belted Family


Notable Accomplishments

Accomplishments In Office

  • While in the position of prince, Nox more than doubled the amount of active lands, commissioned for the corpora to be rewritten from scratch and had the land contract also rewritten.
  • While Principality Prime Minister, Nox worked with all of the lands to get their paperwork in order. He made sure that each land input credits correctly and assisted with the changeover from the ork 2 to the ork 3. He also assisted foreign lands from the Northern Lights with problems they were having with the ork.
  • As Grand Duchy Regent, he made sure Ithras were being held throughout the Grand Duchy at least once a month. He also was the go to guy for organizing eastern Washingtons Amtgard group for recruiting for the Knights of Badassdom movie. He was responsible for attaining extra roles for various Amtgard members.
  • As Grand Duchy Champion, he made sure each land within the Grand Duchy were holding quests and participating with battle games. He organized many unique games that he devised himself.
  • Set in motion for the name of the Principality of Stormhaven to be changed to The Viridian Outlands.


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