Alexander Blackwood

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Cleric Alexander Blackwood

Alexander First joined Amtgardia in August of 2016 at Falcon's Moon. He walked up stating he had never played Amtgard before... this was true... but not the whole story... This caused him to become fast friends with Tyverus and Ankh who really liked fighting and where happy to have a crossgamer of 10ish years at the time show up and play whacky bats! Alexander was first introduced to fighting though Alterra, a chapter of Dagorhir.

Offices Held

Champion of Falcon's Moon

Chancellor of Falcon's Moon

Monarch of Falcon's Moon

Champion of the Emerald Hills

Board of Directors President of the Emerald Hills

COM Representative

Belted Family

Fun Facts

Alexander's back hurts.

Alexander is probably going to try and organize that if you don't do it quickly enough.