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Dwelling equal parts above and below the waves, the Aquatic Elves are at once oddly similar and wildly different from their air-breathing counterparts. Aquatic Elves have all the same basic features of normal Elves: pointed ears, long digits, sharp features and almond-shaped eyes, but their skin coloration ranges from pale blue to nearly luminescent green depending on the individual tribe.

Aquatic Elves travel in schools, swimming together in seemingly perfect synchronization, sometimes with each other but often with dolphins, small whales and cetaceans as companions.

The Elves of the Sea are very protective of one another and are good friends of the Merfolk, though largely disdainful of surface races.
Nautical Nights

Game Statistics

  • Silver sash
  • Blue or green makeup.
  • Pointed ears and seashell jewelry.
  • Sea Elves wear very little clothing.
Requirements None
Monster Type Humanoid
Level 2
Power Rating 1
Armor None
Shields Medium
Weapons Dagger, Short, Long, Javelin, Bow if no shield is carried.



  • None

Special Notes