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Ditch can be two things, a battlegame commonly called Ditch or Ditching. And a class of battlegame following certain rules usually referred to as "Ditch Rules". In the Emerald Hills this is sometimes called "Trench" instead. The original name comes from Memorial Park in Burning Lands, which had an actual ditch in it that they fought over.

The Battlegame

From the V8 Rulebook

Two teams line up across from each other just out of melee range and fight until one team is eliminated. New players join the losing team before the next round starts. If no new players are ready to join then the first dead on the winning team switches to the losing team before the next round starts. This is the simplest of all Battlegames and a good pickup game. Best played in medium-sized, open areas.

  • Teams: 2
  • Lives: 1
  • Respawn: Start of round at base
  • Players: 2+ per team
  • Objective: Eliminate the other team. Once one team is eliminated each team resets to their side.
  • Refresh: Not applicable, no classes used
  • Types Best Supported: Ditch, Militia

Ditch Rules

These rules can apply to any battlegame in which the reeve or game designer declares they are using "ditch rules" at their discretion.

See Game Types for other types of battlegames such as Full Class or Militia.