Sebastian Kazimir Whorl

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Count S.K. Whorl of the Duchy of the Iron Mountains



Sebastian started playing Amtgard on 20 June 2015. His first day, he wore nothing but a bed sheet closed with twine.

His passion for crafting resulted in virtually ceaseless questioning of the Iron Mountains Masters which attracted the attention of Grand Duke Sir Grix. Grix offered to make Sebastian, then named Daryn, a squire and facilitated the creation of his first suit of rudimentary leather armor. Upon the chest of the armor was tooled a crest of a squirrel holding a key in front of a compass rows.

"I was making my first bit of garb [a light blue wool sluff coat] and I knew I wanted to embroider something on the back. I like squirrels, so that was a given, but I wanted it to hold something. I had a cast iron key sitting on my table and, so, I thought, 'Hey, that'll work'."

The coincidental heraldry has since yielded a persona backstory. Read the section below for the current lore.

Sebastian also likes to play bard and frequently sings incorrect lyrics to most songs.

Persona Biography

Sebastian is ambassador to the Kingdom of Squirrels within the Realm of Rodentia, a world of rodent civilizations which predate and live alongside the kingdoms of man. His appointment to the role was due to an interest in arts and intellectual enterprises rather than combat or conflict. His duties in this role predominantly focused on advocacy for the protection of squirrels as the keepers of all the world's knowledge. His squirrel compatriot is Hazel, an English red squirrel.

Squirrel Lore

Squirrels collect nuts as a form of sustenance. Many people incorrectly believe that they horde nuts to prepare for winter when, in fact, they collect nuts for spring; they have a difficult time digesting fibrous materials such as fresh plants. They will occasionally eat berries and will also rarely eat meat - sometimes other squirrels.

Another component of their life cycles includes the contribution to the world's repository of historical knowledge. Squirrels of all sorts are everywhere and, as such, they are privy to all events of the world. They watch and listen and compile their observations into gleaming golden flakes. These flakes are hoarded and crafted into magical Golden Acorns which are then stored within the Tree of Life acting as a library for the world's knowledge.

The phrase "knowledge is power" is quite literal in the Squirrel Kingdom. The Golden Acorns contain mystical energies which can be used, when necessary, to safeguard the world against significant harm. Unfortunately, the current King of the Squirrels has usurped the throne by killing his brother and has used the Acorns' power to turn him into a large, formidable, anthropomorphic squirrel monster. He maintains the throne and guards his power against all opposing forces. None yet have had the strength to restore a responsible monarch to the throne.

Miscellaneous Trivia

  • The informal title "Squirrel King" may originate from the summer of 2015 when Sebastian once said "All hail the Squirrel King." A player at the park drew a sketch of an anthropomorphic, wicked-looking squirrel

surrounded by little squirrel minions. It is possible that it was misunderstood that Sebastian was referring to himself as the Squirrel King.

Later, members of Darkmoon started referring to Sebastian as the Squirrel King to serve as a disambiguation for one of their own members whose name was very similar to Daryn, Sebastian's previous name. It is not known if these two instances are related.

  • In his mundane life, Sebastian does not like wearing gold.
  • Sebastian became interested in medieval-era things after playing Diablo II. His dream at the time was to one day own a suit of black plate armor, a T-slit barbute helm, stainless steel maille, and a full-circle black hooded cloak. He was so invested in this idea that his first email address included components of this list. With age and exposure to the world, however, Sebastian's angsty teen dream shifted to something brighter, more colorful, and more reflective of his growth as a person.
  • Three golden acorns have been gifted to Amtgarders for significant accomplishments:
*Sir Agustus, upon his knighting
*Fenro, as a reward for baking a marvelous plate of brownies
*Aust Valanthe, upon abandoning the Iron Mountains
  • One golden key has been gifted - The golden key represents the knowledge of how to use knowledge, rather than just the possession of knowledge itself
*Heulwen Scathac, for being the utmost amazing Rachel ever
  • Changed name on 30 June 2018 from Daryn Orwyn Braxos to Sebastian Kazimir Whorl

Belted Family

Brennon Viridian (Sword)

Notable Accomplishments

  • Bestowed the title of Duke by Emperor Valorimar at Imperial Midreign, September 2018

Affiliated Groups