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Falias Gilrak Esquire, of Port of Winter's Night Rising Winds.

"You guys still suck and I hardly play anymore!!" falias.jpg
Falias, too lazy to put on garb.


Falias has been playing Amtgard since mid '01. He joined at relatively the same time as Mercury, Clyde, Bullwye, and Zander.

Affiliated Groups

House Mad Fool

Ferrum Crux

Belted Family

Man at Arms to Squire Bullwye

Notable Accomplishments

  • Appointed Keeper of the flame by then king Hobbit Bloodstone. and has since been the go-to guy to start the famously huge Rising winds bardic fire.
  • At the 10 Vs the world battle at Discord, single handedly held off over 50 opponents by yelling and just generally looking scary as hell.

Positions Held

  • Champion - PWN, October 2004 - March 2005
  • Champion - PWN, March 2005 - September 2005
  • Champion - PWN, March 2006 - September 2006



  • Esquire - Given by Kravin Morhed, March 2005