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Dame Baroness Io, of Gryphon's Perch, Rising Winds

”You're fourteen years old, and not smart enough to bring your own water?”

”That was AWESOME, some chick just rushed the Justicars' front line and we followed her in.” ”Yah, that was Io, she's hard core.”

"Io > Anyone coming up the stairs at Discord(08)" --The RW Forums

RW Coronation, March 2009

Discord 2010


Io was the first winner of the first Best of the Best tourney in the Rising Winds, showing off her considerable talent as a RW Artisan.

Not to be outdone by her artistic talent Io has also made herself a considerable presence on the battlefield. She is known for her bloodlust on the front line and her fearless charges of shield walls and skill rolling a flank.

Not a woman to be messed with in or out of armour, she is able to man up to a stiff shot better than most men in the game and dishes out her own brand of pain on the ditch field.

Io began playing in the summer of 2006 and is accompanied by her children Artemis and Aorin.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Former Page to Dame Isabel

Notable accomplishments

  • Knight of the Serpent: September nineteenth 2009 at Bridge Wars by King Thorvald of the Rising Winds.
  • Winner of the first annual Rising Winds Best of the Best competition in spring 2008.
  • Dragon Master at Summer Midreign 2008
  • Dragon Master at Fall Midreign 2008
  • Master Dragon in November 2008

More Information

  • Held back a slew of people on the stairwell single-handedly at Discord 2008.