Sylvan Glade

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Sylvan Glade, Grand Duchy under the Kingdom of Winter's Edge



Once a part of another park within Winter's Edge, known as EastWind Castle, Sylvan Glade eventually split off and formed a new chapter. Through lots of hard work and dedication from players, they eventually achieved, and maintained, Duchy status for many years.

Sylvan Glade is, statistically, the largest park within Winter's Edge. Under the charge of Baron Avarice, during the Winter/Spring term of 2023/2024, Sylvan Glade achieved the numbers to become the first Grand Duchy in the history of Winter's Edge. They were promoted to Grand Duchy on 5/18/24.

Sylvan Glade currently meets biweekly at Pendleton King park in Augusta and caters to an even mix of combat and non-combat participants as well as a large swath of Flame knights and service oriented players

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