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Dame Duchess Covina Sharpie of North River


Covina became a member of Falling Fire in Neverwinter during the late 90's after visiting a few times in prior years. Despite the convictions, and sneaky manipulations of the O.R.K. and Amtwiki, by Dame Linden there is no R in her name. Over the years she has organized several different online Arts and Sciences competitions including The Crafting Games which has participants from all over the known Amtgard world. She likes ponies, and would like one, and a million dollars (to raise said ponies). In the fall of 2012 she has moved to the Wetlands where she played at Granite Spyre and takes many pictures. In 2014 she moved out of Wetlands to the freehold of Phoenix Ridge which is now defunct and falls under Neverwinter North River despite living hours away.

Affiliated Groups

Covina is a member of House Ouroboros a Neverwinter household dedicated to Arts and Science, and service. Member and online admin of House Lioness. Member and online admin of the Online Academy of Knowledge

Belted family

None, all players are welcomed as nieces and nephews, except for negative people.

Pre-Knighting Knight: Sir AMC

Covina was page then Man-at-arms to Sir AMC, previously Not-A-Page to Sir Joy, and an actual page to Sir Auwyne before becoming Knighted.

Notable acomplishments

Covina has served as Feastcrat/Cofeastcrat and Autocrat/Coautocrat for several Neverwinter events. Groundscored from one Knight to another, sharpied her belt to become a Man-at-Arms. Founding member of House Ouroboros. Knighted a Knight of the Crown in 2012.


Covina has been local Regent at Falling Fire twice, and became Queen of Neverwinter in Summer of 2009 and ran a second term starting Winter 2010, Princess in Summer 2010, and became Queen of Neverwinter in Summer of 2011 (because some people are sadistic). Guildmaster of Knights of Neverwinter in Winter 2021.


Master, Traveling Man, Duchess, Dame, Paragon Color

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