Confusion (V7)

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Confusion (S, Control)


Repeat x5 "By the power of my mind, I will thee to be confused."


50 ft.


Target must attack the nearest creature(s) for a 100 count (with magic if the target wishes). The target must look around for the nearest player before attacking, but can then attack that person until it is dead, or choose to change to another target that becomes closer. If the "closest" person is killed, the target must look around for a new target and continue until the 100 count is up.


Monsters are immune


The affected player is encouraged to "role-play" the Confusion. Reeves are encouraged to penalyze players who make only half-hearted attempts at this effect and to shorten the next death count of targets that play it well.

Who gets it?

A 5th level Bard (V7) and 3rd level Druid (V7) spell.

Monsters who get it