Bard (V7)

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Circa 6.0

Bard is a core class that casts magic to manipulate the enemy.

From the Rulebook

Class created by Tawnee Darkfalcon

Note: This version is outdated, for the current V8 version see here: Bard

Bardic history is mostly tied in with the early oral tradition of the druids and Norse skalds. Medieval Europe does give us a case of actual singing knights, many of them female, from the independent French province of Aquitaine before it was crushed by the Papacy.

As of Clan COM Meeting 2011

Lost - level 1 , cost 1, max 4, per life

Combat Casting (N, Neutral)
(C)Bard 6,
(E)The bard no longer needs a free hand to cast magics.
(L)May not be used to cast magics modified with extension.


Sarafin, William Shakespeare, Alan O’Dale, Homer, Scheherazade, Circe, Bragi, Snorri Sturluson, Taliesin


Light blue sash

Class details:

Bard Level Lives Weapons Armor Immunities Abilities and Traits
All 4 subtracts from magic points Medium shield (subtracts from magic points) None Bardic charm (see below), Magic-user (see below)

Bardic Charm:

Some monsters may be immune to the control school, but not bardic charm. Bardic charm is any control magic that is cast by a bard (even those bought with Voice).

Bard Magic

Bards are magic-users and gain magic at each level. See the Rules of Magic section for more details.

Bard Level Magic Name Type School Use Cost/Max Range
First Level Cancel S Sorcery Unlimited 0/- 50'
- Charm S Control 1/life 2/2 20'
- Hold Person S Subdual 1/life 2/2 20'
- Presence N Neutral 1/game 1/4 -
- Protection from Control E Protection 1/game 1/4 T
- Visit N Neutral 1/game 1/4 -
Second Level Legend S Control 1/game 1/4 20'
- Liplock E Sorcery Unlimited 2/- T
- Protection from Subdual E Protection 1/game 1/4 T
- Talk to Dead S Spirit 1/life 1/- T
- Truth S Control 1/life 2/2 20'
Third Level Confidence E Sorcery 1/game 1/2 T
- Extension N Neutral 1/life 1/2 -
- Imbue N Neutral 1/game 1/2 -
- Sleep S Subdual 1/life 2/4 20'
Fourth Level Awe/Fear S Control 1/game 1/4 20'
- Berserk E Sorcery 1/game 1/2 T
- Honor Duel S Sorcery 1/life 1/4 20'
- Lore S Control 1/life 2/2 20'
- Warskill N Neutral 1/game 2/1 -
Fifth Level Confusion S Control 1/game 1/2 50'
- Mimic N Neutral 1/game 2/1 -
- Mute S Control 1/life 2/4 20'
- Yield S Control 1/game 2/4 50'
Sixth Level Combat Casting N Neutral 1/game 2/1 -
- Dance N Neutral 1/game 1/2 50'
- Release S Sorcery 1/life 1/4 20'
- Voice N Neutral 1/game 2/1 -

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