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Baron Squire Jet Darklore, of Syrindale, Duchy of Goldenvale.


Jet began playing Amtgard in Caradoc Hold in the fall of 2005. They moved to playing in Blightstone Hallow after a few years and then spent some time in Noxterra (West Palm Beach, Florida) starting in June 2014. Jet returned to Blightstone Hallow in Oct 2016. In the Summer of 2017, Caradoc and Blightstone re-merged into the new Duchy of Syrindale. This is where our hero resides. They are known for their love of A&S, their engaging quests, being a self-proclaimed "RP Junkie" and leading and mentoring new players.

Belted Family

Was Paged to Lesser Thane Glyn Aidan in July 2007, but parted ways in June 2011.

Accepted a At Arms belt from Saint Cy of the Shadows in October 2011.

Accepted a Squire belt from Saint Cy of the Shadows in August 2014.

Gave a Man at Arms belt to Rex O’Connor in May 2018.

Gave a Sword at Arms belt to The Azure Players in November 2019.

Affiliated Groups

Notable Accomplishments

  • Granted the title of Baron by King Noodles, March 2020
  • Master Healer - Given by King Sir Bowen of Goldenvale, March 2013
  • Granted the title of Lady by Queen Miaka, May 2010

Event Crat Positions

  • Co-Auto Crat, All Fired Up: Yule feat. Kingdom Midreign - Dec 2019
  • Dungeon Crat, Dragons of Berk: Great Eastern XX - May 2019 (Wrote and ran a full Escape Room style Dungeon)
  • Auto Crat, Feast of Skadi: Yule feat. Kingdom Midreign - Dec 2018
  • Troll Crat, Yule feat. Kingdom Midreign - Dec 2017
  • Asst. Quest Crat, Wizard of Oz: Great Eastern XIX - May 2017
  • Quest Crat, Northern Empire Coronation - July 2011
  • Co-Auto Crat, Seelie Vs. Unseelie: Tribal Rivals X - June 2011
  • Troll Crat, Samurai Vs. Ninja: Tribal Rivals III - June 2008

Offices Held

  • Regent of Syrindale, Sept 2019 - Dec 2019 (Pro-tem)
  • Regent of Syrindale, June 2017 - Dec 2017
  • Regent of Noxterra, July 2014 - Jan 2015
  • Regent of Blightstone Hallow, October 2013 - April 2014
  • Chancellor of Blightstone Hallow, April 2012 - Jan 2013
  • Regent of Caradoc Hold, December 2009 - December 2010
  • Chancellor of Caradoc Hold, February 2007 - July 2007

More Information

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