Chango B. Dass

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Baronet Sir Chango B. Dass of Slaughter Creek, Defender of the Celestial Kingdom

"I live on a strict diet of rage, hate and caffeine."-The man himself
"Don't be a cheesedick. No one likes that." -Chango, overheard explaining the rules to some newbs
"I want you to look at it." -he said, all Chango-intense like
"Scotty, that siege-bear is Grand Theft Faggotry"


Seen here at Banner Wars 2005.



after seeing Raton at a local mall Chango started Amtgard in the year 1995 at the chapter of Griffin's Keep in the CK. Chango moved to San Marcos, Texas where he was the roommate of KFM

Chango goes to school for sport's therapy. This is because he ultimately wants to open up a line of Amtgard-related fitness centers. He describes most Amtgarders as being "gross, fleshy mounds of man-fat that makes me want to bite their heads off, kick them in the shins and force them on the patented Shiner and Marlboro plan I've created." Strangely enough, this plan seems to be taking off.

Chango was playing at Slaughter Creek and at Tori-Mar semi-regularly before he retired. However one day Chango will return more powerful than ever!!!

Affiliated Groups

  • member of the Household Ministers of Grace
  • anchor in the House Duskryn Drinking Team.
  • Chango is an unofficial member of House Beer. This is because the members of House Beer are often too drunk to remember if they've actually made Chango a member or not. When it comes up, Chango lies and says "oh yeah, you guys made me at that spring war we all got really wasted at". Since this is pretty much every spring war it's an accepted answer.

Belted Family

Chango has one squire, Jalen of Griffin's Keep.

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