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Sir Brynjar, aka Blade Blackfang, of Iron Keep, Blackspire

”Come back my love muffin <rip> I have new duct tape!!!”

“See this outfit? Yea, it was my couch and curtains this morning.”

“Not until I brocade the gates of the nine hells on a velvet surcoat.” - Sir Blade when turning down a Master Garber


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Blade is active when he is available however, duties in some strange place called "Mundania" often keep him away for months or even years at a time.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

  • Joined Amtgard in June of 1993; first kingdom event (Sand Lake) appeared in 10 gauge 4 in 1 copper hauberk.
  • Kingdom Champion for VSR on several occasions
  • Granted title of Lord
  • Granted title of Duke (After 1st term as VSR's King; Apr '95-Oct;95)
  • Granted title of Grand Duke (After 2nd term as VSR's King; Oct '95-Apr'96)

Achieved first knighthood having never been taken as a squire.

Additional Images

Heraldric Crest of Grand Duke Sir Blade