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The defunct chapter of Blackrock Hills used to be a Barony of Goldenvale, located in Nitro, West Virginia.


Blackrock Hills


Blackrock Hills was originally known as Clan Cralincia when it was formed in the Spring of 1998. Its founder was Vlad the Unstable, having returned to his home state of West Virginia after spending some time playing Amtgard in the Wetlands. Originally based out of Winecellar Park in Dunbar, WV, the group grew with Vlad and his circle of friends. Later, after he got an article published in a local newspaper, other members came throughout the Kanawha Valley (Charleston and surrounding towns).

In the late fall of 1998 the group moved out of Winecellar and into Ridenour Park in Nitro, renaming itself Blackrock Hills. The group continued to flourish despite several internal issues between the 'original' group and its newer members. This animosity almost lead to a split in the group over the winter of 1998.

In 1999 the group continued to grow. Due to a disinterest shown by its closest kingdom the officers of Blackrock Hills decided to petition the Wetlands for sponsorship. Two of its members (Omar and Thanatos) went to Houston to personally ask this of the reigning monarch at the time (SWMBO Topknot). With the influx of information from their trip the group 'caught up' to the rest of the game, adopting ultralight weapons and more modern methods of constructing equipment. The Shire also began to travel to local groups, developing ties to Falcon Ridge and the Sea of Rhye.

On the first weekend of 2000 the Shire was forced to fend off an invasion from the Duchy of the Rising Winds. Drawing fighters from many of the local groups (including another Amtgard group in the Charleston area that was previously unknown) they outnumbered the invading group almost two to one but barely managed to carry the day.

After their victory the people of BRH began an aggressive campaign to claim local groups in the name of Goldenvale (who came to the aid of the Shire during the invasion with the assistance of local groups). This time of 'border wars' served to connect many of the groups in the region who had previously had little to no contact with each other. BRH, Drakenwulf Mire (the other WV group), Twin Lakes, Crystal Groves, and the Sea of Rhye were all connected in this.

Early in 2000 BRH was made a Barony by Goldenvale. Omar was its first Baron, having seen the group through the winter and the RW invasion, as well as the "conflicts" with the other groups in the region.

During the majority of 2006, and part of 2007, Blackrock Hills was defunct. During the spring of 2007, however, a few veteran members; Omm, William Grey, and Garrett Dechordilane have worked to rebuild the barony. So far, regular attendance has begun to steadily to climb.

In late 2007 Black rock hills chose to playtest a new set of rules developed by the active populace, but they have not decided yet if they will quit amtgard entirely. ".... nothing has been set in stone - We haven't decided if we're not Amtgard anymore. It won't be decided until our alternate rules are finished. If, when we're finished, the majority dislike it and want to go back, we will."-- William Grey

In September of 2008 a new chapter was founded on BRH's Ashes by Wolfen called Green Water Valley.

Blackrock Hills met for the last time in October 2008.



Blackrock Hills main online discussion board is a Mailing List

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Blackrock Hills used to meet in Ridenhour Park at the end of 21st street in Nitro, WV.

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