Twin Lakes

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Twin Lakes, Freehold

A defunct Freehold of the Burning Lands , located in Greensburg, PA.




The Twin Lakes was founded in 1992 by Rutree, a displaced Golden Plains amtgarder. After a bout with some rough fighters, Rutree took a break from the game and the group carried on with a new generation of Amtgarders, a good few who are still active to this day. The group grew into a Barony in 1997 and began to travel to other Amt-groups and larger kingdom sized events. Twin Lakes held its first event "Twin Lakes 1st Bash" after members returned from a larger event disgruntled with how it was ran. The Barony continued to run yearly events during the summer to much praise from attending amtgarders until 2005. Real life reared its ugly head and Amtgard slowly started to take a backseat to more important things. However, the core group of players remains intact and still gets together on a weekly basis. The Twin Lakes announced officially at Solstice Shennanigans '07, that "Contrary to popular rumor we are not a dead group and we are planning on being more active in the Amt-World starting this summer.",

This is also the first park where Potato played, as well as Zoltan and JewishJedi before their various moves. Durnik, Tristan, and Melinka have crawled out of a 7 year hiatus and have begun playing again.


Formerly met at Knights Park in Ambler PA. Sundays at 1:00 PM.


the best contact info i can come up with is the twin lakes yahoo group list:

Contact: Lynx 888-415-8506