Sleeping Dragon

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Once a large Amtgard Shire based in Knoxville, TN, sponsored by the Kingdom of Goldenvale.

Arts and Crafts enthusiastically welcomed! All other shires and baronies are welcome. The more we have to fight, the better. If you like to roleplay, please join us. If you are interested in battlegames we are trying new ones very frequently so come out and have fun


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Founded in Jun of 2000, Sleeping Dragon was a splinter of Mystic Glade and has within the past few years become an inactive shire. Due to political and internal issues, the shire was shut down and its members went either to the Glade, Radiant Valley, or quit altogether. Sleeping Dragon had a good reputation for being an extremely roleplay- and battlegame-oriented park, qualities that have been passed down to RV.


Home park for the Gardians of the Blue Flame, and the Starlight Legion.

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