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Rakis is the summer coronation event of the Empire of the Iron Mountains. Originally, it was held at the Great Sand Dunes National Monument, hence the Herbert-esque name. After being thrown out of the Sand Dunes, Rakis moved to Golden Eagle campground near Colorado Springs, famous for the giant insect statue known as Bugzilla. In 2003, the event moved to the Lost Burro campground, near Cripple Creek, Colorado. The weather and elevation earned the event the nick-name "Little Clan". It was then relocated to Beaver Ranch in Conifer in 2005.

Rakis long ago made its name as the premier Amtgard Jugging event of the year.

Rakis Trivia:

There have been two Rakis X events, and two Rakis XIV events, due to politics and disagreement as to when the first Rakis event was held.

The name of the event was originally Arrakis, because it was held at the Great Sand Dunes. The first year it was moved it rained almost constantly, and the event's name was changed to Rakis, just as the planet Dune was renamed when the rains came.

Gui Ben Amon, Wolfram Bloodletter, Leviatar Torrid, Brennen MacGregor, Kane Blackwraith, Airleas Aiobhell, Roo MacGregor, Dan the Man, Talisin Silverwolf, Thor Tandræbe, Cedric Pentacles, Jetara Starlemaine, Ailanthius, Michael Hammer of God, Jhonus, Evil Ryss, Balinor, Rewth, and Everlast were all knighted at Rakis. Jetara and Michael received their second and fourth belts, respectively, and Ailanthius is the only outlander ever knighted at Rakis by another kingdom (Dragonspine), In 2007 Everlast became the second knight ever created by another kingdom at Rakis, (Emerald Hills)

Rakis hosts a Best of the Best Tournament where artisans compete against each other with 1 A&S entry in a tournament style competition. Feedback is given directly to the contestants during the competition with the top 3 entries being announced at the end of the competition.