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Lord Squire Yoshi, of River's End Desert Winds

”I like math."
"I like food.”


"Yoshi! Nooo!" -Casca


Yoshi started Amtgard in River's End with his dad Ausway and siblings Roazool and Bob. His siblings have gone inactive, but he and his dad have remained strong members of River's End ever since. Both joined Gryphter company and were stalwart members of the company. The company eventually dissolved, and Yoshi is now a member of Iron Wolves.

Yoshi was a very small kid when he started and would completely disappear under a medium round shield. Often he would be trampled on in an attempt to get to him (especially by Fitz). Yoshi accepted a Man-at-Arms belt from Fitz and was latter upgraded as Fitz's "Senior" Squire (a running joke between he and his squire brother Ceowulf.

Yoshi has progressed as a top fighter in River's End and often shuns any class sash in favor of playing single short peasant in battle games just so he feels challenged. He still manages to turn the battle on his own far too often as a peasant.

Affiliated Groups

Iron Wolves

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

  • Master Peasant
  • 5:1 goblin

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