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Daimyo Squire Wookie of that Tree over there, of the Knoblands, of Tal Dagore




Wookie is a newer player having started only June of 2014. He has a deep love for the game and a passion for making heinously oversized weapons. There is not an aspect of the game that he does not like and he hopes to go far.

Belted Line

Affiliated Groups

  • Hellion's Tears Mercenary Company

Notable Accomplishments

  • Man-At-Arms to Squire Lord Jera Greendawn, Keep 2014 - Keep 2016
  • January 2015 Became PM of Barony of the Knoblands
  • Master, granted by King Gafiltafish Nemoralis, April 2014: Received the title of Master in the middle of his first term as PM for going well above and beyond his seat of office.
  • October 2015 Became Duke of the Duchy of the Knoblands
  • Baron, granted by King Naivin, April 2016: Received the title for extensive work as Duke of the Knoblands.
  • Company Award: Master of the Cup: Holds the current title and record set at KotB 2014 amongst his company
  • April 2016 Became Champion of the Duchy of the Knoblands
  • Squired to Sir Kenshin Keep 2016
  • May 2017 Became Regent of the Duchy of the Knoblands

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