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Silverwater, Duchy

A defunct Duchy of the Kingdom of Neverwinter, located in Lake Worth, FL.

Amtgard Chapter
Kingdom Neverwinter
Status Defunct
City Lake Worth, FL
Park John Prince Park
Meets on see Crest Haven
Founded 1992
Active '


A former amtgard chapter, at one point a Duchy, and one of the founding parks of the Kingdom of Neverwinter. Technically it is still the location of the "Kingdom Seat" of Neverwinter despite being defunct.

As one of the founding groups of Neverwinter, it was one of the key players in the formation of the Kingdom. People from Silverwater went on to found several other groups in Florida and elsewhere.


Silverwater last met at John Prince Park, in Lake Worth. Meeting times were traditionally around 1pm on Sundays. Location in the park was by the old Banyan tree by the 6th Avenue entrance, near the Parks dept HQ.

Address of the park is

2700 6th Avenue South Lake Worth, Florida


The earliest known amtgard group in Florida, founded originally in 1992 by Roger Shrubstaff, Flotsam and Tigger deCat. Instrumental in the formation of the Kingdom of Neverwinter.

Went defunct in 1993, restarted in 1994, and was active again until October, 2004 when its park was closed due to hurricane damage. Contract received by the BL on May 6th 1995. Valiant started dragging people out again in 2006 and in 2007 the group became active again, and is meeting regularly at its old location.

Earlier History accounts of Silverwater

Glory Days

Meeting in John Prince Park in Lake Worth, Silverwater reached a peak attendence of over 80 different people per week in the summer of 1997 when it was made a Duchy, and appeared by many to be a candidate for kingdom status on its own. At the time Falling Fire in the area was also pushing for such status, and in a key sequence of events, they set aside a rivalry to push together towards a common Floating Crown kingdom in Florida.

Recent History

As Of August 13 2007 Silver water has reformed and split from Dagger Cove. As of October 2008 it had once again lapsed into inactivity. And as of March 2009, it was back. As of spring 2010, it is on intermittent status merged with Windstorm Woods as "Windstorm Waters".

As of 2012, what remnants of it that were left became part of the new chapter of Crest Haven. Still, there is a large legacy of people who passed under its banyan tree that consider Silverwater their original amtgard home.


Silverwater's Device: Argent Serpent wrapped about an Or Trident on a field Azure. The device was created by Sir Tonbo during a contest to redesign the device. The previous device was a pair of crossed marlins argent rampant (dexter and sinister) behind an or trident, on a field azure.


A number of notable people have called Silverwater home in the past...




  • Silverwater displomacy.jpg
    Silverwater 2007: Paragons of Diplomacy
  • Group4.jpg

Silverwater in 1997


(need to convert to new maps) <googlemap version="0.9" lat="26.608736" lon="-80.084007" zoom="17"> (A) 26.609034, -80.084363, Silverwater The main field of Silverwater. (B) 26.608842, -80.079192, Restrooms (C) 26.609057, -80.069143, Exit from I-95 (D) 26.604295, -80.084535, Alternate Restsrooms (E) 26.60865, -80.084577, Parking (F) 26.609141, -80.085379, Woods Field (RIP) What was once our "woods" field, bulldozed in aftermath of hurricanes Frances and Jeanne (G) 26.606935, -80.079987, Old Field (1992 - 1996) lawn bowlers paved it over (H) 26.610144, -80.078904, Mound Hill Field used in 1996 </googlemap>