Salt Wars

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An event run by the Desert Winds each Spring around early- to mid-May in Utah.


Salt Wars occurs typically in mid May located near Rangely Colorado. It is the main event held by the Kingdom of the Desert Winds.

Salt Wars coincides with the Kingdom coronation from winter to summer reign.

Our events have gotten rave reviews. We pride ourselves on making sure you get bang for your event fee. It is our goal to provide every meal from gate open to end of event. If you doubt our sincerity ask anybody who has gone to our events, we are the happy shiney of Amtgard.


Salt Wars started when IM Emperor Elect, Sir Michael Hammer of God, contacted the Sheriff of River's End (Fitz Caliston) in early spring of 2003 explaining his goal of traveling to meet with all the groups of the Empire. MHoG requested to meet with both theShire of River's End and the Barony of Dragon's_Spyre (Cedar City UT) at the same time in an effort to facilitate his travel plans.

Three weeks of intense planing and lots of hard work from both Utah groups produced the first Salt Wars, held in a canyon in southern Tooele County (about 45 minutes from Salt Lake). Since then the event has acted as the catalyst that has melded all the groups who eventually formed the Principality of Desert Winds. Since then the Desert Winds has become a Kingdoom in it's own right and the event has flourished even more.

Salt Wars has grown each year and continues to get bigger and better. Come see if you're worth your Salt!

We KNOW we are!

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