Talis Rushlock

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Baronet Squire Talis Rushlock, of Skystone in the kingdom of the Desert Winds

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The life of a sell sword is an odd one. Not many survive it and even fewer thrive in it. In my travels as a sell sword I came upon a company of mercenaries that I can say I consider family now. The Corsairs of Asgard have truely welcomed me into their family and I in turn have faught and won and earned my seat at the head of a ship as Captain of the Corsairs of Asgard.

In my travels since joining their Company I have done and have seen many things. I have found that my home port of Skystone needs me more than ever after the treachery of the House of Odin. Many of them I still consider friends. A few rotten eggs have spoiled the basket and now I must strive to pick up the pieces of this once proud Duchy.

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Talis and his man at arms Warbar

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