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Baronet T. Aoiffe nic Paisley, of Freehold of Forochel Glade.



a wandering Bardish-type: formerly of Darkwater East, Twilight Coast, and Silverwater, Neverwinter; Forgotten Crossroads, Goldenvale; Hellion's Field, Iron Mountains; Dyspair, Dragonspine; and Cordis Medagar, Tal Dagore. Also goes by persona names Fernando Orlando Paisley (FOP), Vertigo NoZiroh, Khutulan, and Madame Blue.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

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Notable Accomplishments

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Paisley was publicly assassinated by Brownie during a feast at Ardent Sands, and adopted the character Madame Blue for the duration. Other aliases include

  • Argante - Scout.
  • Vertigo NoZiroh - Monk, Healer.
  • Fernando Orlando Paisley - Bard.
  • Khutulan - Barbarian.