Tear of Blood

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Tear of Blood began as a fighting company under the watchful eye of Mortis Nuntius in 1995. Dubbed the "diet Pepsi of Evil (or Evil 'Lite') it's sole purpose at the time was to bring evil into the otherwise "good" realm of Darkwater East. Mortis was eventually killed and the Company was taken over by Paisley in a mad grab for power: She brought the remnants to Arizona, (Shire of Dyspair) in 2001 and tried to revive it there. In turn she was killed and the company taken over by Brownie. Mortis eventually was resurrected and has been Captain of the Company, now located in Miami, ever since. Tear of Blood may be closely affiliated with the Neverwinter Household, The Order of the Black Dragon. Rumor has it that the resurrection of Mortis was largely made possible by them. Whether this is true or not is still speculation as witnesses recall that only one member of The Order was ever seen near the resurrection site of Stone Alter.

Tear of Blood has been given to Interim leader Red the Drood by Mortis until his return!

A known past associate of Tear of Blood, Drago is rumored to have been sighted in Arrantor in 2013, seeking a mystical gem that grants vampiric powers.

The Nuntius staff was rumored to have appeared somewhere outside of Neverwinter. A rumor that a wandering Artificer by the name of Toleliron was said to have been seen with the broken staff pieces. The Nuntius Staff later appeared in the Emerald Hills, apparently magically repaired, in the hand of a dark haired woman during the Valkyrie and Horseman of the apocalypse War. Before the staff vanished, a laughing visage of the dark lord Mortis himself appeared and summoned a deadly sphere of annihilation barrage. The staff has since disappeared and it's current whereabouts are unknown.

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