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Heraldry of Marceline Fangmeier
Seal of Marceline Fangmeier

Priestess of the Divine Grace of the White Light, Squire Marceline Aidan Fangmeier the Fairly Witty of Red Storm, the Emerald Hills


What mortal heart could hold the power

To defy this goddess of frost and light?

She caresses her silks and watches from her bower

Laughing at men who shrink away from her might

Where else in life would you find such pleasure

As in the icy charms of a divine queen?

Awestruck men offer their blood and treasure

To this mystic woman, Marceline

May 4th 2015: "Apparently I managed to hatch a dragon for my LARP...Narserion the benevolent lindworm, protector below all evil. Well, hello there."

Testimonials and Quotes

"I was about to consider you to be a living genius. Instead you just get to be fairly witty." - Michael, Hammer of God

"Your shield design is like the nightmare bastard child of Fibonacci and Georgia OKeefe" - Gamhain MacCoinneach


Regent of Red Storm from June-November 2015

Emerald Hills Guildmaster of Healers June 2016-March 2017

Red Storm Guildmaster of Reeves June 2017-December 2017

Emerald Hills Guildmaster of Reeves June 2017-December 2017



- Daughter of Kyrill

- Daughter of Mezzie

- Daughter of Jetamio

- Sister of Ziana

- Mother of Saja

- Mother of Archer Wolf

- Mother of Meerna

Belted Family

I put the equivalent of a Craigslist advertisement up on Facebook essentially begging for wisdom.

And Lo, the universe did see fit to grace me with benevolent gifts. A celestial form then appeared, a being of ephemeral light and infinite wisdom. A maternal figure made from the heavens.

My star mom.


Beltversary: August 17 2016

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  3. definitelyaknight
  4. kekeke

Marceline was previously man-at-arms to Sir Alby Kzan from December 14th 2014 to April 11 2016.

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