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Lord Sir Malfurion, of Everfield in Rising Winds

AKA "Scooter," and "Scooty-Puff"



Malfurion started playing at the age of 15 in April of 2003 at Everfield in Richmond, IN. He originally joined the Dark Riders in 2004 shortly after being paged by Lord Bartok. At Battlecry in September of 2005, Baron Lord Bartok gave Malfurion the title of Lord. During his early years at Everfield he was the shire's, and later barony's, Prime Minister and Regent each for a term.

Some time between 2005 and 2006, the northern Dark Riders became Ferrum Crux and Malfurion came with them. Between 07'-08', Sir Heydeez offered him a squire's belt, which he accepted.

On March 26th, 2011 Malfurion received his flame belt at the Rising Winds Coronation.

His Squire is Mosley Def of Gryphon's Perch.

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