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Sir Grand Duke Juju Hex Mojo of Granite Spyre, Wetlands


"I shall call you 'the body'" - Grendel

"Fantastic new piece of garb that I plan to use as a loincloth for "Desnudo", my new nudist barbarian persona."

"You're so bony, every part of you is like elbows." - Mouse


Known Facts

  • Juju is not his original name.
  • He abides.
  • His beard hides a small face, the remains of a parasitic twin.


  • His name said backwards will send him back to his home demension.
  • He once tore a man's arm off in an arm wrestling match at Rakis.
  • Aramithris once proclaimed him the only other alpha.

Affiliate Groups

Sylvan Pride

Belted Line

Brennon Viridian (Sword)

Notable Accomplishments

Additional Images

More Information

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