Ice Bear

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Lord Ice Bear, of Biting Winds, Goldenvale

Ice Bear
Home Park Biting Winds
Kingdom Goldenvale
Year Started 2014
Noble Title Lord
Belt Status Man at Arms to Thrahg Bjornson

Ice Bear ees uncerrtain dat you vhill surrvive dhe vhinter.


Ice Bear began playing under the persona name "Polar Bear" in the Summer of 2014 when he met Pagan Darcborne. As there were no chapters to be found in the area, he helped Pagan in founding Biting Winds, and is currently serving the chapter in an advisory capacity.


Kleykir Björnblot (often called "Clay" or "Ice Bear") is a polar ursinid hailing from the northern mountains. His build is muscular and chubby, and he speaks with a thick accent from his subrace's native tongue, one reminiscent of Earth's Russian.

While ursinid tribes tend to be wary of, or openly hostile towards outsiders, Ice Bear is an oddity - exiled from his home because of his curious nature, he took to stalking the frozen forests and hills, serving as a guardian angel for travelers in danger from beast or bandit alike, taking from his overwatch basic knowledge of the common tongue used by the humans, elves, and dwarves. As word got out about the bear-man working to keep the trails safe, an ambassador reached out to invite him to a nearby trader village. Hesitant and wary, he accepted, and lived among the people for some time, learning better about their language and ways. Today, he wanders the world in search of more knowledge of what's out there.


Quarterly Azure and Argent, in dexter chief a snowflake Argent, in sinister base a bear paw Argent.

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