House Killjoy

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House Killjoy


To Join

"Make a belt favor with a KJ on it, and you're in house killjoy. Hell, you don't even have to tell me. In fact, you don't need the belt favor; I don't have one."-Tanath

"I quit" -Tanath, drunk.

Our goal:

We do not get drunk at events (for whatever reason), we support each other in our non drunkenness, and we get drunken dangerous people off the ditch line.

We do not hate on those who choose to drink. Alcohol is a personal choice, just one we choose not to make.

"Dude! You guys should play like... Uno... or something. THE GRANDSTANDING SOBER KILLJOY UNO tourney... winner gets water.. or something equally boring." -Jinx

Diametrically opposed to House FrostBrew


Hovering on the edge, not certain if he wants to be associated with this