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Weaponmaster Duke Clyde Arrowny Esquire, Defender of the Rising Winds.

”Amtgard what?”



Started playing in mid 2001. Has since gained a reputation for being a decent fighter and superb flamer. Started playing at the Port of Winter's Night, moved to Gryphon's Perch in October 2008, but returned to RW stickjock central in NW indiana in mid '09. Can currently be found Harassing the local Dagorhir chapter with his brother Falias, Bullwye, and a few other converts. Retired indefinitely from foam fighting early 2010.

Group affiliations

Clyde is a member of the Mad Fool and Filth Pig households, as well as House Killjoy.

Belted line

Clyde does not believe in, or have interest in the belted system of amtgard. "the fealty system doesn't work...its silly"

Notable achievements

  • Rules Representative for the Rising Winds 07-2010.
  • King of the Rising Winds. 3-29-08 till 9-27-08
  • Weaponmaster of the Kingdom of the Rising winds. 10-20-07 till 5-08.
  • Sheriff of Crusader's Cove: march-september 2003
  • Sheriff of Port of Winter's Night: September '07-march '08
  • RW GMR 3 times (but never elected to the position)
  • First RW member to achieve 9th order of the warrior.
  • General of the winning army at Winter War 3
  • Undefeated as a general or co general at Discord.(9 times)
  • Kingdom Champion of the Rising Winds March 2007 - September 2007
  • Master Bard (awarded by kingdom of the rising winds. 6-23-07)
  • Awarded the Title of Defender by Rising Winds (9-15-07)
  • Awarded the Title of Esquire by Rising Winds (9-15-07)
  • Awarded the Title of Duke by Rising Winds (9-20-09)

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