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House Big Sluff

A Household

What are we about

Dedicated to sluffing and trash talk. Chastised on E-Sam for too much sluffing and jacking of threads. One of the requirements of admission is that each member must have at least one Griffon.


House started by Sir Jynx Mercades on 26 Oct, 2005. A house dedicated to making fun of people, and drinking with other members of House BigSluff.

HBS members found a newbie at Spring War 2007, hog tied him, and left him in the shower with it running for an hour, or so it is said.

Rumors abound, including a certain incident about toilet paper knighting, Knight of the Woooooo, at Clan 2007.

A member of HBS once made a sword out of .505 Kitespar, two water bottles, and a circle of camp pad to enter into Olympiad, but it ended up on the ditch.

HBS Has been accused of stealing a keg of Silvertips beer.

At Piratical Sabbatical HBS hosted a sluff tournement, and openly took bribes. The winner was awarded a special HBS tunic.

HBS Is inspired by Sifl and Ollie, and while The Keg O' Shiner is the official Deity of HBS, homage is paid to the all-holy ROCK!

HBS have in their possesion the Holy Grail, and the Shroud of Turin


The favor MUST look terrible, and the house colors are black and grey, with a Rhino on the front of it, with a cloud spouting from the butt of said Rhino.


Sluffing is a way of life.

A song that we might find fitting; Numb to the Bone. Maxam has cited this filk as inspiration.

The chosen Deity of House BigSluff is Shiner, in keg form. All worship the Keg o' shiner.

Sometimes Kenshin worships the porcelin god... when he has been partaking of the Keg o' Shiner sacrament for too long.

Members of House BigSluff

Equally, House BigSluff recognizes Sluffco, and it's corporate members.

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