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The act of intentionally not taking a valid shot. Also called Waffling, Rhino-Hiding and various other negative terms, which are indicative to different areas.

Often players perceived to have sluffed have not done so intentionally. Inexperience, adrenaline, or simply being overwhelmed by the chaotic atmosphere of a game can all lead to a person missing a shot. Always remember, it's entirely possible you misjudged the situation and your shot actually did not land.

What you can do

Preventing Sluffing

The best way to prevent sluffing is to encourage an environment of communication and honor between combatants.

  • If you believe an invalid shot could be perceived as valid by your opponent tell them why you didn't take it. ("Garb", "Late", etc)
  • Acknowledge when an opponent takes a shot you thought was invalid. ("You sure?", "Good Call" etc)
  • Take everything. If you are unsure if you were struck by a valid shot, take it.

Some players take the risk of being sluffed as a motivation to get better at fighting. They improve their shots to the point where there is no uncertainty to whether a shot hit. While this does not prevent others from sluffing, it lessens how much you experience it and also advances you as a fighter. Win/Win

Sluffing During a Game

If you believe an opponent is sluffing you should reach out to the reeves of the game and discuss the situation with them. Typically they will watch the player closely and be able to address the issue if it continues.

Depending on your relationship with your opponent it may be a good idea to address them directly. If there is any doubt that direct communication would be received well by your opponent you should not do so and speak with a reeve instead.

Reoccuring Sluffing

If you believe a person continually sluffs you should reach out to your local monarchy. The monarchy can take action to resolve the issue permanently. Typically, the monarchy can resolve the issue by speaking with the person.

Sluffing is in violation of CoC #5 and those caught doing so can be suspended or banned from participation in Amtgard.

What you shouldn't do

In the past it was common and even acceptable to take "field justice" to stop sluffers. This often times entailed using weapons of dubious legality or excessive force to punish the sluffer physically. These practices led to hostile environments and did little to nothing to address the person sluffing. This is not acceptable behavior and doing so is a clear violation of CoC #2 and #6

Taking Out Insurance or hitting someone until they call dead is not necessarily incorrect but you should take steps to ensure it does not become excessive. The practice of hitting players who are plainly dead (a torso shot with no enchantments or armor) repeatedly without giving them a chance to indicate their death is not acceptable. Aim to only deliver the needed amount of valid shots (You should strike a person in 2pt armor 3 times)

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