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Our First Monarch of each Kingdom

Here listed are the first Monarchs of every Kingdom of amtgard after the group received Kingdom Status. For more information about Amtgard firsts check the 'Who's on first' page. Or if you would like to know more about the monarchies of each kingdom check their Monarchy page.


King Sir Tseng. After the Joining of the two Kingdoms Tseng was the first monarch to hold office over them both.

Burning Lands

Queen Sir Tawnee Darkfalcon; Our First Monarch Ever. Tawnee won the tourney on March 27th 1983 at the first Crown Quals of Amtgard. Since in those days these things were determined by right of arms she was crowned.

Celestial Kingdom;

King Sir Michael Hammer of God; Together with Theo the most influential person in CK history, being key to the founding and administration of the kingdom.

Crystal Groves

King Gowritch ran unopposed.

Desert Winds

King Sir Duke Matthias O'Lachon


King Egil; Spawned a line of kings through himself and his squires, holding at least 7 terms of monarch between them.

Emerald Hills

Queen Reyna Arafeal

Golden Plains

King Sir Ivar Nefarious


King Armen the Tall; A key figure in the founding of his kingdom, where he continues to lead today.

Iron Mountains;

Emperor Sir Moss du Percheron; Held several terms of high office during the IM's period as a duchy.


King Akira "Tonbo" Kitimitsu

Rising Winds

King Kain Elverez

Tal Dagore

King Sir Wisp. A decisively key figure in not only the naming but the drive (amongst notable others) in getting Tal Dagore prepared to bid for kingdom..


King Sir Morgan Ironwolf - Spawned a whole legion of WL monarchs through his belt line including Crom, Zach, Redhawk, Meggido, Silvertip, Micah, and Harold.

Defunct Kingdoms

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