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A Defunct chapter of Emerald Hills, located in Dallas, Tx.


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Pre-History First Meeting:11/1995 Last meeting 1/1996

Clu has a vision about a park that was started, long forgotten, and detached from all current Amtgard named "Broken Shield". The park's numerous members were welcoming as they played at the park into dusk and beyond. Clu would tell this dream that was more than likely inspired by memories of 1990 Keist Park Ironcloud mixed with the previous night's pizza to friends in college. Inspired by the dream, and his friends never having heard of Amtgard, a small park was formed in between the 1995 Fall and 1996 Spring semesters.

The park averaged roughly five people, usually mostly barbarians and one Archer. In the end the Amtgard group in a bible thumping Seventh-Day Adventist town of Keene, TX went surprisingly well, but ended when classes resumed for the 1996 Spring semester.

First Meeting:12/15/2002 Last meeting:6/12/2005

The first truly notable variation of Broken Shield was a Sunday park in the heart of Dallas, at White Rock Lake Park. It was formed by Yoni and Elder. Yoni wanted a Sunday park in Dallas as he could not attend Saturday parks, and Elder wanted a closer Sunday park so that he and his friends could play Amtgard on both Saturday and Sunday.

At the EH event before its first meeting, the founders asked for suggestions for the name of the new park. Clu suggested Broken Shield. He said that name had come to him in a vision during his Knighting Vigil on December 14, 2002. Clu would be pleased with the results.

During most of the life of Broken Shield, the majority of the populace were former Midnight Sun members. For the first year the only battle company present was Gryphon's Claw. There was a time period in 2003 that Midnight Sun considered merging with Broken Shield as the attendance at Midnight Sun averaged 3, whereas the attendance at Broken Shield was in the high teens. Fortunately the attendance at Midnight Sun recovered and the two parks coexisted with quite a lot of cross attendance until the decline of Broken Shield in 2005. In early 2005 the population reached a low point, averaging 3 a week, and plans were made to merge with Iron Cloud and the people trying to restart Tear Glen to form Campus Supernus. Ironically Campus Supernus did not last a year, and the members who had left Midnight Sun so many years ago voted to return their residency there in 2006.


Contacts and Directions

This park is no longer active. For information on other chapters in Amtgard look here

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