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From the V8 Rulebook

Includes bolts and any other similar items.
NOTE: Improperly constructed or maintained arrows can pose a serious safety hazard. Before building your fist arrows take the time to study an online construction tutorial or practice with an experienced player.


  1. May not be drawn beyond 28”.
  2. Fletching and nocks, if present, must be in good repair.
  3. Must be clearly labeled with their owner’s name.
    • Arrows without labels will never be allowed on the field.
    • Using arrows without labels can result in immediate suspension from the field.
  4. Broken or poorly mended arrows are not to be used.
  5. Like any other equipment arrows may only be used by their owner unless the owner grants specific permission for another player to use their arrows.
    • The owner of an arrow is responsible for the safety of the arrow even if fired by another player.
    • Special arrows may never be shared.
  6. Swinging at an arrow in flight is illegal.
    • Arrows may only be passively blocked by placing an object in the flight path.


  1. May be fiberglass, aluminum, plastic, or graphite.
  2. Wood shaft are only allowed if covered in a minimum of 4 mils of plastic tape or equivalent.
  3. Shafts must have any real arrow head or tip removed.
  4. The tip of shafts must be built up to at least 1” in diameter in a solid manner such as:
    • Wrapping in fiberglass strapping tape and capping with a 1" diameter galvanized steel disc.
    • Affixing a 1" diameter washer into the shaft with a solidly-attached screw.
    • Other similar methods. Replacing the washer or disc with a U.S. penny is not considered 'similar' to those construction methods. Acceptable construction methods include, but are not limited to, building the arrowhead onto a base which is removable but firmly attached (commonly referred to as "modular" construction) and/or shaft buildups made using fused deposition modeling ("3D Printing"). Please consult experienced arrowhead builders before attempting new designs.
  5. Shafts longer than 28” must have a draw stop (generally a ring of tape or similar) placed around the shaft no more than 28" from the inside of the arrow's nock where the string rests.


  1. Must be 2.5” in diameter.
  2. Front and side must be Strike-Legal.
  3. Must include a minimum of 2” of foam in front of the shaft of the arrow.
    • The 0.5” of foam immediately after the end of the shaft must be closed-cell.
    • Foam must be firm but compressible, and not able to deform around the arrow shaft on impact.
    • Very soft foams such as couch cushion do not count towards the required 2” minimum of foam.
  4. Heads should be checked regularly for degrading foam.
  5. Must have a cloth cover on the head.
    • Properly colored strips may be used in lieu of colored head covers to denote special arrow status.
    • Normal arrows may not be covered in any of the colors reserved for special arrows.
    • Reserved colors are: yellow, red, green, purple, and grey.
  6. Must strike point first to score a hit.
  7. Affects all targets struck while in motion.
  8. Hits from arrows are Armor Breaking.
  9. Hits from arrows are Weapon Destroying.

Specialty Arrows

Specialty Arrows which strike a player or object can have various effects.

Unless otherwise noted:

  1. A player may only physically carry one Specialty Arrow per instance of Ability. Pages and other players may not carry extra Specialty Arrows for players.
  2. Specialty Arrows must be fired alone.
  3. Incantations for Specialty Arrows must be said immediately prior to firing, and said loudly and clearly enough to be heard within 50’.
  4. Hits from Specialty Arrows still count as a normal hit from an arrow to the location struck.
  5. If a player has Specialty Arrows with a frequency that includes Charge, they may have only one Specialty Arrow of any type Charged at a time.

Types of Specialty Arrows:


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