Argus Lynch

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Dreadlord Sir Argus Lynch, of Tori-Mar the Celestial Kingdom

"Now he goes along the darksome road, Thither whence they say no one returns." - Gaius Valerius Catullus



The Twelveth Torch, and the first to be Raised during the Attitude Era. Argus has been in the CK and Amtgard since 1994. He tends to show up every six months or so, so he can vote on all things Torch. Mostly comes out for tournaments. Came out of retirement in 2016. Blamed for the second fall of Drakenroc.

Some Fairly Well Known Facts:

  • A noted Artisan, Argus designed the heraldry for both the Barad Duin Foreign Legion and XIII.
  • Argus was made a High Priest at the same time as Randalf Falconbridge.
  • Argus's theme song is "Blue Collar Suicide" by the Refreshments.
  • Argus spends alot of time Baking Cookies, for more information see Sagesse Noire.
  • Argus shared Thailand's finest whisky, Mekhong, with the masses at Spring War 2018. It is said to have "a smooth caramel finish!"
  • Team Chosen #32

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

  • None

Notable Accomplishments




  • Master Warrior

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