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Sir Vigus Fatbelly, of the Celestial Kingdom.


"Hmmm... it's smaller than I thought..."


Vigus is FT's smart squire.

Vigus misses sack.

Vigus is married to a beautiful woman light years out of his league.

Largest of the large-men of the CK. Flamey-knight, and all around angry fatman.

HIS FAT R K001357 3V@R!

Sluff his warm nasty beer! Puke to Win!


"Heh..yeah..uh..that was not my original

See, I was trying to use my name from the Charm of making from the Movie Excalibur..

An-Al NeThrac, Duths Var Nienthe (or something like that)

Only when I wrote it down, it was AnAl and when Arthon was asking who in the hell named them selves Anal something or another.... I just didn't speak up. He looked at me, and said "You, YOUR new, What's your name? I said.. ...uh.......Vigus". and he just walked away. the next sign in, was as vigus nethrac."

Rumors surrounding Vigus

"There are in fact two Vigus'. When you meet him at an event, the short one stands on top of the thin one and they wear a single tunic which is why they look like one giant guy. On E-sam 90% of his posts are made by Vigus Prime. However, if you read carefully you can some times catch the ones made by the more solemn Vigus Secondus." - Michael Hammer of God

Affiliated Groups

Formerly a member of Tiger Clan, founding member of The Brotherhood, was one of the Disciples and now back with the Tiger Clan, also a member of House BigSluff and co-founder (along with Blackthorn Caelich) of House Beer.

Belted Family

Former Squire to Father Thomas and to Dame Shanti. Vigus currently has three squires.....Thee, Doomshadow , Nyte Shinmakage and one Squire-at-arms Brenethor of the Wetlands.

Vigus is also now squired to Kenshin because of shenanigans.

Notable Accomplishments

Knight of the Flame - Knighted in March 2003 at Spring War

Additional Images

Doomshadow, Abi, and Vigus getting ready for WBW Boxing!!!

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