Specialty Arrow (Type)

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Specialty Arrows which strike a player or object can have various effects.

Unless otherwise noted:

  1. A player may only physically carry one Specialty Arrow per instance of Ability. Pages and other players may not carry extra Specialty Arrows for players. Specialty Arrows may never be shared.
  2. Specialty Arrows must be fired alone.
  3. Incantations for Specialty Arrows must be said immediately prior to firing, and said loudly and clearly enough to be heard within 50’.
  4. All Specialty Arrow Incantations are treated as Ambulant but do not require the statement of "Ambulant" before their incantation.
  5. Properly activated Specialty Arrows count as a normal hit from an arrow to the location struck in addition to their listed effects.
  6. If a player has Specialty Arrows with a frequency that includes Charge, they may have only one Specialty Arrow of any type Charged at a time.

Types of Specialty Arrows:

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