Raven's Nest

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Raven's Nest

A Shire of Polaris

Amtgard Chapter
Raven's Nest
The Kingdom of Polaris
Status Shire
City Mankato, Minnesota
Park Wheeler Park
Meets on Saturday 1PM
Founded 2011
Active Active


Raven's Nest was founded by Feldon and Tal-Yul on July 31st, 2011 with Feldon serving as the first Sheriff and Tal-Yul serving as Regent however Tal-Yul promptly resigned and Cloud was appointed to the position. Raven's Nest had a decent start however lack of interest during the winter months almost caused the chapter to become defunct. In early February new players began to join the park and has been growing strongly since. In May 2012 the chapter was brought under the Principality of Polaris and the Empire. Not a full year passed before, in November of 2012, Raven's Nest, along with the rest of Polaris, moved to the Kingdom of the Rising Winds. For a time the chapter enjoyed barony status, but by 2020 had reverted to a shire.

General Information

Raven's Nest enjoys two different parks where play takes place depending on the seasons. During the summer months events are held at Wheeler Park which has both wide open spaces as well as denser areas with a few trees. It also has a gazebo picnic area providing shade and shelter.

Being located in Mankato the yearly event M.A.M.E. is held nearby and usually sees a very strong showing of members from Raven's Nest.



Arch Angel Buck Exsylon Moonmist Fallen Angel
Heart Jaws of Raven's Nest Kirkleen
Mittens Mortimer Mother Angel|
Faelon Kul

Contacts and Directions

Raven's Nest plays on Saturdays at 1:00 at Wheeler Park.

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