Pirates of Stormwall

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"Wing it!" - Said by almost every Pirate in response to the question of how we are going to get something done.

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  • Founded in early 2002, the Pirates of Stormwall were brought to life by the founding members Reiko Ironwolf, Kail Silverthorne, and Ozymandias De Mandaloria, all of whom had been members of other companies and become disillusioned with those companies. The founders had been long term friends and decided to band together in Amtgard. Others quickly joined up as the companies at the time had become elitist and insular, and the Pirates were open and very friendly. Many of the mainstays and well known Pirates joined soon thereafter, Furball Tigris, and Limbo among others. Lord Plague originally waffled about starting the company and wished to be in charge of a pirate household to be run along side the company. Once he returned from a stay in Goldenvale he threw in with the company, but did not stay long dropping his colors in 2008.
  • Expansion of the company beyond Stormwall began in earnest in 2005. Pilfer instituted a plan to travel that year and to get the kingdom aware of the company at events. Soon after there were pirates in Crimson Moon and Ironwood. With the traveling of the crew, there are at current pirates in Florida, Kentucky, Louisiana, and southeast Texas. Pirates have fought in three different continents and many different countries. Helios himself counting for Canada, Haiti, Ubergooberstan, Iraq, and Alaska.
  • Around the same time the company started traveling they volunteered and helped the game where they could, serving as Kingdom level reeves, monsters, gate-o-crats, warcrats, feastocrats, A&S judges, and filling in wherever they were asked to. The most famous examples of which was the last minute cooking and serving of feast for a triple kingdom midreign and a stint as the Queen of Hearts and the deck of fighting cards for a kingdom relic quest. The company was rewarded with orders of the Rose and eventually the Order of the Flame for their service.


  • Since the resurgence of the company in 2011, the company has returned to its service role with a flourish. Most notoriously in creating and hosting of the Midnight Munchies. A post-feast/court gathering at their camp (nicknamed Tortuga by the participants) were donated food and drinks are given to all in attendance for free.






Colors and Symbols

  • As historical pirates never assigned a uniform the current incarnation of the crew does not ascribe to the idea of "colors". As such they have no unifying colors tho they, with few exceptions, tend to wear blacks with highlights and symbols in white. The skull and crossbones are universally attached to the pirate theme but those in the know recognize the distinctly warped Jolly Roger known as "Lumpy".

"Lumpy" as he is lovingly referred to is the jagged jolly roger of the crew. The distinct over-sized right eye socket and disjointed warped jaw set it aside from other pirate marks. First discovered at the crew's local tattoo shop on an unused tattoo flash sheet, they immediately knew they had found their symbol. The founding members and a majority of the following members have all been subsequently tattooed with the image. The tattoos started as a simple line drawing in different colors to signify the different crew members. Quickly running out of colors the crew started decorating Lumpy with hats and bows, different figuratives instead of crossed bones IE cannon and swords, and started adding personal heraldry items to the enlarged eye socket. The founding members originally got the tattoo on their stomachs at the base of the sternum. yet there is no set rule against it being placed anywhere else. 1545559_10154104215795125_2792413040165140011_n.jpg


The "No" vote.

"Hair of the Frog" Initiate drink


Long live Midnight Munchies!!


The Semi-annual Pirates Xmas kinda thing party with no religious connotations gathering.

Banner relocation

Service to the game and people first

Monarch hopefuls wearing dresses at the Relic Quest




Common Quotes

Each of these quotes have a backstory that you had to be there to understand. They have become longstanding tradition off call and response for most Pirates.

  • "Hur, Hur, Hur, Hur..."
  • "F*ckin' Susan, you wh*re!"
  • "No Tit"
  • "She lives!"
  • "I'd piss for you!"
  • "I saw a bat yesterday"
  • "Goddamn it, Oz!"