Link MacAbee

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Link Cross, of the duchy of Thors Refuge

MaA Link
Home Park Thors Refuge
Kingdom Westmarch
Year Started 2008
Noble Title none
Belt Status none


Son of Lord Collin the Red and Lady Tamara MacAbee who lived in Citrus Heights, California (a suburb of Sacramento). It is his boredom during a Rocky Horror Picture Show Reunion picnic October, 2008, that brought Clan MacAbee to Amtgard. Link notice the small group of people hitting each other with foam weapons. He went over then begged his parents to sign a release that would allow him to play. At only 10 years old needed approval to fight but he managed to obtain it. He did everything in his power to attend. Even when visiting grandparents in San Jose he attended Ashen Spire rather than miss a week. He was belted to Lord Collin the Red as a Page in July of 2009. He later dropped his fathers belt.

After a long absence from Amtgard, Link began attending the Freehold of Mistyvale and became interested in the fighting aspect of Amtgard. He was Man at Arms to Lord Etah Landshark out of some misplaced notion that Etah knows how to fight. As of Darkshore 20 link dropped that belt aswell.

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