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The Great Amtgard May Event

The Great Amtgard May Event, or G.A.M.E., was a one shot event held from May 14th though 17th 2010. The Event was Hosted by Starmount and Autocrated Sir Raphael with the aid of his friends and beltline.

The idea behind the event came about after Starmount's visit to Gathering of the Clans 2009. Inspired with events seen and discussions over a 24 hour car drive, it was realized that not everyone can make a 900 - 1,500 mile trip or even for an inter-kingdom event. The team expanded on the potential of bringing an event to all the small groups across the region. The hope was to attract as many people as possible to make a trip ranging from three to five hours to spend a weekend full of events both new and old. To take some of the ideas home and expand on them to suit their park. The main benefit for this camping event was for folks from all over the area to get together trade ideas and be able to discuss concepts with more time than one would have at an event that was day tripped. The event was great success drawing players from seven states and has been imitated by other events since.

A Sequel was held in 2012.


In the order they occurred.

Friday, the 14th

  • 1.)Spell Ball launching Contest, this was a two part competition.

-Human powered (throwing) for distance. -Mechanical. Any mechanical means, any method that is NOT combustible.

  • 2.)Weapon construction Demo by Sir Crinos.
  • 3.)Cake time.

-On Friday evening there was home-made cake in the lodge in honour of Lumpy's birthday.

  • 4.)A zombie Game after dark was hosted by Aiden.

Saturday the 15th

  • 1.)Starmount Cinder Block Invitational

-Participants vied to see who could throw a cinderblock the farthest. Vahn won.

  • 2.)Joust competition

-An Amtgard versions of a target obstacle course.

The winner was Kite who received a piece of live steel as his prize.

  • 3.)Bridge Battle

-A game of Ring the Bell played across suspension bridge on the site.

  • 4.)Knights and squires versus the world siege game.

Ravenos captained the World.
Knights chose their captain on site.

-Knights were be given 20 lives. The world, no matter WHAT class, had have three lives per player. The squires will started off with no lives, their knights had to give them lives from their pool. Those squires whose knights don't love them enough to attend were granted two lives for every belt their knight had.

The winning General, Ravenos received a bottle of spirits as his prize.

  • 5.)Romans vs. Barbarians Battle Game

A Non-Magic (Any class but spell casters) battle game.

-Romans consisted of: Paladins, Anti-Paladins, Monks and Assassins.

-Barbarians consisted of: Scouts and Barbarians.

-Both team captains were able to pick Warriors for their teams.

Prize for the winning General as be a bottle of spirits which went to Sir Garik

  • 6.)Feast

-Starmount, in possession of a deep fryer, deemed that everything under the sun would be frying up for Saturday night feast.

  • 7.)Court

-Sir Raphael stepped down as Sheriff of Starmount.
-Lumpy crowned Sheriff of Starmount.
-The now infamous court of Prince Aiden.

  • 8.)Big damn bonfire.

A fiery celebration with libations galore. Accompanying the bonfire was Scarhart idol, a bardic competition. The competition was in three parts. The Winner of each part won a prize.

-Part one consisted of entrants singing the song "Black Widows in the Privy".
-Part two, free choice of performance.
-Part three was "sing for a beer". Entrants sang a songs or told a stories and received a titular award upon completion, given that they were of age.

Sunday the 16th

  • 1.)Burritto breakfast by Raphael.


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