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Squire DarkMistress Circadia Stormwind of the Barony of Murky Waters in the Celestial Kingdom


Member of Murky Wters since Feburary 2005. Previously played in these other places:

Belted Family=

Squire to Sir Stoney Rose; Pages are Hobbes and Morning Star. Has been Page to Squire Shadowdragon, followed by Squire Stoney Rose (Prior to his Knighting) Has Paged the following people since achieving Squire: Ous Nighteyes, Lady Gidget Firedancer

Affiliated Groups

Member of the following Households:

Notable Accomplishments


  • Scribe of Avalon's Gate to Sheriff Lady Roo
  • Deputy to Sheriff Lady Roo - Avalon's Gate
  • Regent of Murky Waters - June of 2008 to September of 2008
  • Archivist of Murky Waters - June of 2008 to September 2008
  • ProTem Duchess of Murky Waters - September of 2008

Has held the following crat positions at various times throughout Amtgard career:

  • Autocrat
  • Gate-o-Crat
  • Secure-o-Crat
  • Kid-o-Crat
  • Feast-o-Crat