Avalon's Gate

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A defunct chapter of the Celestial Kingdom, once located in Austin, Tx.



A grey gate set against a black field, with a sword hung point down between them.


An Austin park founded in the spring of 2004 by Kaderian, Wilhelm, Wanderer, and Roo. The idea being that Austin needed a newbie friendly park that focused on RP, and battlegames. As with most Austin parks it is shades of inactive. AG members are mostly seen at CK events.

"This park is young and full of wideeyed newbies, intesity they've got it, bring all your stuff they play a few battle games a day."

This chapter went defunct by late 2006 to give way to Slaughter Creek.

Forming Avalon's Gate

I was enjoying retirement and having a nice quiet mundane life. I still spoke to some of my old friends and renegades in Amtgard when I heard about some things that brought some ideas to mind.
When I was younger, and much more Stick-Jocky that I am now, I loved to go out and mix it up with the long sword. I had left Tori-Mar years back because I wanted to find other avenues and basically what else was out there.
An old friend, Roo, had been talking to me about his latest injuries from fighting in Tori-Mar. To be frank, the fighting was getting more and more intense that unless you were at the top of your game, it was going to be rough. After talking to him, an idea dropped into my head and started germinating. A few weeks later, I met up with Kaderian and we discussed the idea of making a more "Flurb" friendly park. Let Tori-Mar be the pro-bowlers park and turn the flurbs loose to enjoy a long drawn out plotline.
After additional meetings with other older players who were either trying to keep their parks alive or retired as well, we decided there was enough interest to take the next step.

Tirana was kind enough to let use their spot and contract from the kingdom and we reopened in Pease Park in May 2004. -- Wanderer


Many who used to go to Avalon's Gate now attend Slaughter Creek


Avalon's Gate used to meet on Sundays, at 2pm, in Pease Park.