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Squire Calidor


Calidor is the coolest guy 3v@R. Really though Calidor is a fighter from Tori-Mar in the Celestial Kingdom who just happened to travel a lot. He's a high priest of the Chosen and a member of Golden City All-Stars. He was a founding member of the Ministers of Grace as well as the Brotherhood.

Squire to Sir Belgarin aka Belkev

He's also a Lefty.

Been in the game since Dec of 93. Retired Spring War 07.

It has been said his wallet has done more for the game than many Flame knights.

Despite attempts to draw him back to the park he is retired from the game and will only attend 1 events a year. Normally these are Spring War and Banner War, but not always.

The next event this year will be Banner War.

If you really want to hang out with Calidor go on an adventure with Reynen and Shadow or get into caving.

Belted Line

Belted Family

Additional Info

Rest Deleted by Calidor as a wedding gift to Linden.